TAOX11 v1.8.0 released

Added by Johnny Willemsen 12 months ago

This is the first 100% open source release of TAOX11.

Using TAOX11 you can implement your CORBA based clients and servers using the modern and easy to use IDL to C++11 language mapping.

See our TAOX11 features overview page for all the features of the TAOX11 v1.8.0 release.

Read the README for how to obtain and bootstrap this release.

TAOX11 supports Visual Studio 2019

Added by Johnny Willemsen about 1 year ago

Remedy IT has finished the initial port of TAOX11 to Visual Studio 2019. With the recent updates the TAOX11 user community can now use the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 compilers to compile TAOX11 and their application code.

Not all possible configurations have been tested but with this initial port finished it will be a relatively minor effort for Remedy IT or the user community to add other configurations. For more details about how TAOX11 can simplify the development of your CORBA based applications have a look at the TAOX11 website or contact .


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